Robert and Will and the Honda Car

July - August 2002

The engine was retrieved in Steve's pickup and the landscape timbers Will and Robert had prepared were used to make a ramp to slide the engine on its pallet off the truck to the ground. Unfortunately there was some damage to the engine. It had rolled over during shipment.
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Robert and Will spent some days (and nights) disconnecting the old engine from the Honda. The car was carefully raised up on the ziggurats of blocks so the engine could be lowered out of it.

The two of them disconnected and lowered the engine. They asked me to take a picture of the empty engine compartment!

Rain delayed the work for a while. The car sat waiting for better weather with the old engine beneath it.

The car was up on the blocks when the new engine was pushed under.

The car was lowered until the engine could be attached correctly.

A number of days were spent reattaching all the various wires and hoses and parts, making sure everything fit correctly.

28 July 2002